This Asset allows you to easily add Field of View / Fog of War / 2D Lights to your Unity project. Basically, it creates a Mesh, within the parameters that are configured with a certain material (See docs...). This system is incredibly fast and allowing an unlimited amount of sources. Playing with it you can create, for example; fields of vision to detect enemies, darkness with hidden objects behind, only visible when they enter the Field of View or simply beautiful 2D Lights with shadows.

The 2d Lights system allows you to easily and without code create beautiful lights for your game 2d, fully configurable and optimized.

Compatible with both the forward and deferred rendering pipelines and supports DX11. It works with both perspective and orthographic cameras.



Customize the effect so that it matches the visual style of your project


Possibility of changing the number of verts to improve performance or quality

Online demo

Includes online demo and an extensive example scene


Editor preview

The effect is previewed inside the scene editor, without need to play the scene


Includes full documentation and all full source code is included


2D Lights

Create and customize beautiful lights for your project