Here you can see all my own projects.

*For the NDA and privacy, my clients private projects do not appear here*

Meteor City Destructor : Physics Simulator (+5.000 downloads)

Is an Android game:
The main objective of this game is to destroy everything, you earn money destroying the city.
That's all, enjoy and try to get three stars on every level!

Lumbra : 2D Dynamic Lights and Field of view (AssetStore)

Is an Asset for Unity3D.
This Asset allows you to easily add Field of View / Fog of War / 2D Lights to your Unity project. Basically, it creates a Mesh, within the parameters that are configured with a certain material.
This system is incredibly fast and allowing an unlimited amount of sources.

More information in the Official Thread

Cyber Bump : Ball VS Block

Is an Android game:
The main objective of this Cyber Game is to bump and push the different Neon blocks to reach the end of each level.
Each block that the player touch with the ball, subtract of the ball the number that has the touched block. The Color and the Number on the blocks indicates the amount of points that will be subtracted from the Cyber ball.

See you, Space baguette (GameJam)

Game for the Mediavida Game Jam 4.
The topic of the JAM was 4 different images and i used 3.
In this game the player throw baguettes with a unique gravity with the differents planets. The main goal is to take all the parts of the snack.

Project Snow (GameJam)

This Project was my first GameJam. I got the First Place on the Mallorca Game Jam 2015.
The name of the project came out of something that happened around the character "John Snow" in Game of Thrones (No Spoiler).
In the game you control a ball and you must go to the end of the level, with different mechanics and obstacles, if you fail you start from the beginning.

QuarantaVuitHores (GameJam)

Game for the Mallorca Game Jam 2017, in this case we win the "Most Original Game" trophy.
The name is literally "FortyEightHours" in Mallorquín. (Its a Jam...)
In this game, the player manage a beach and need to get out different types of people who bother in the beach.